Rainbow Shape Sorter XL

Sensory toys are an amazing support for our toddlers in discovering the world and stimulating the senses. Our toys are also in the Montessori spirit.

The senses are of great importance in the development of infants and young children. Sensory toys shape the ability to discover, understand and respond to stimulation coming from the environment. Many years ago, before plastic was invented, mostly wood was used to make toys. Almost all types of toys can be made of wood: blocks, queues, cars, dollhouses, dolls, tools, musical instruments, puppets, puzzles and many more. Wooden toys still have the priceless benefits over plastic ones.
Still wondering why wooden toys have an advantage over plastic?

  • The wooden toy does not need a battery 
  • They are non-toxic and unlikely to contain hazardous chemicals, which is especially important for young children that like to put everything in their mouth,
  • They are environmentally friendly,
  • Usually do not have sharp ends or edges, which makes them safe for children,
  • Wooden toys are much more durable than plastic, they cannot be easily broken.
  • They develop creativity, manual skills, teach logical thinking, concentration and precision, 
  • Well-constructed wooden toys are not heavy and are pleasant to the touch, 
  • They support a child’s cognitive growth, enhancing their thought-process, reasoning, and logic.  
  • Wooden toys bring children together. They encourage them to interact and collaborate effectively – an essential element in a child’s development.

It is not a coincidence that wooden toys have accompanied us for many generations and are still popular. These toys are safe, bring creativity out of children and develop various skills. Our shop offers a selection of good quality, wooden toys and wooden climbing constructions, including Emmi Pikler Triangle and Climbing Rocker/ Seesaw with a slide. Visit our shop to discover more. 

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”
~ Maria Montessori

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