Wooden Scale Trefl

It is a development toy that encourages creative fun.
It also develops the imagination of a small chef who learns how much gram, decagram and kilogram it is, and what a pinch really means. The kitchen scale shapes mathematical skills. Thanks to four wooden weights of different weights and colors, children learn to distinguish between heavier and lighter objects. The balance scale is a return to the times when electronics did not exist. This is an excellent, traditional, mathematical toy that not only teaches, but above all entertains.
This organic toy was handmade and painted with paints safe for children.
Dimensions: 28.5cm x 311cm x 10.5cm
Material: light wood from PEFC and FSC certified forests
Execution: hand-made, hand-painted by Polish producers
Safety: natural oil and paints, safe for children, meets all EU standards and safety requirements, rounded shapes prevent injuries.
Suggested age: 3+


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