Tekane Montessori Ball- Mom's Care

The soft fabric Takane ball, also known as a jigsaw ball, by Mom’s Care was created for little ones who are just starting to catch. The design of the first Montessori ball allows for various gripping methods, and allows it to be freely transferred from hand to hand. This helps build wrist strength and eye-hand coordination. The ball can hang over the baby’s bed after the first month of life. Takane’s white, black and red color will focus on the baby’s eyesight, which will stimulate the sense of sight. The ball is made of safe velor and cotton and there is a hypoallergenic filler inside. There is a rattle in the ball, the gentle sound of which arouses the interest of the youngest. Takane can be hung over the crib after 1 month of age. The rattle makes the toddler try to catch it with his hands and pull it to hear a sound pleasant to the ear. The ball can also be hung close to the child’s feet, which will encourage him to control his foot movements and kicks. Older children, who sit and crawl on their own, can divide the ball into smaller parts and follow it. Due to its shape, Takane’s ball will not roll far, encouraging children to crawl or try to reach for it. The ball motivates you to play, shake, try to throw and roll. The softness of the ball is also conducive to learning to grasp and transfer from one handle to another.

The Takane ball from Mom’s care will help you with:

  • development of motor skills: grabbing, tossing, rolling
  • stimulation of the senses: sight, hearing and touch
  • sensory integration: feeling and responding to stimulation
  • learning through play
  • encouraging the baby to crawl.

Hencz Toys is a Polish, award-winning company that complies with the EN-71 standard and is made of raw materials with the “Human-friendly” and “Safe for children” certificates. Each product is CE marked.

Size: 11 x 11 cm
Age group: for children 0+
Raw material: terry cotton
Made in Poland


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