Rattle Giraffe Tymek- Mom's Care

The soft, fabric and contrasting Tymek Giraffe by Mom’s care was created with the youngest in mind. A black and white cuddly toy with colorful inserts will become a good friend for both boys and girls. The embroidered giraffe face will bring a smile to your little one’s face. In the first stage of a child’s life, stimulation of the senses plays a key role. Tymek was made of contrasting materials that are safe for your child. The varied structure of the material will attract developing fingers and will positively affect the sense of touch.

At the very beginning, our kids do not notice colors and do not distinguish shapes. The predominance of black and white elements develops correct color perception. Additional colorful tags, protruding ears and the pet’s tail make the child practice grasping through play and develop small motor skills. The cuddly toy has a sewn-in bell, which prolongs the joy of play, additionally providing sound that stimulate the sense of hearing. The big advantage of the cuddly toy is its weight. Thanks to the soft and fluffy filling, the toy is super light.

Tymek from Mom’s care will help you with:

  • fine motor development
  • stimulation of the senses: sight, hearing and touch
  • sensory integration: feeling and responding to stimulation
  • learning through play

Hencz Toys is a Polish, award-winning company that complies with the EN-71 standard and is made of raw materials with the “Human-friendly” and “Safe for children” certificates. Each product is CE marked.

Size: 12 x 23 cm
Age group: for children 0+
Raw material: terry cotton, tags
Made in Poland


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