Pinkado - Sensory Rustle Toy- Mom's Care

  • The delicate sound of the rustling foil attracts the baby’s attention.
  • Contrasting colors stimulate the sense of sight.

The Pinkado Rustle Toy is made of soft and diverse materials, safe for your child and interesting for developing fingers.

Pinkado is filled with rustling foil, the delicate sound of which attracts the attention of the youngest, because it is the closest to the sounds that babies know from the times in their mother’s tummy. The long handles and legs of the Pinkado encourage the toddler to grab. The light rustle is so easy to grasp that it can accompany your baby from the very first moment, both in the crib and on a walk.

Pinkado will help with:eye stimulation with contrast

  • eye stimulation with contrast
  • developing the sense of hearing thanks to the slightly rustling foil
  • in the development of fine motor skills

It’s a Polish, award-winning product that complies with the EN-71 standard and is made of raw materials with the “Human-friendly” and “Safe for children” certificates. Each product is CE marked.

Size: 16 x 27 cm
Age group: for children 0+


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