Pacifier Clip SzopHop Red- Mom's Care

  • Irreplaceable during teething
  • It stimulates the sense of sight
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • The perfect companion for sleep and travel

The red SzopHop pacifier clip from the new Mom’s Care collection will be perfect as a guardian of your baby’s soother. On one side, the pendant is finished with a clip that you can easily attach to your child’s clothes. This way you can be sure that the dummy is in place. The soft and pleasant to the touch material in contrasting colors will positively stimulate the sense of sight. Additional elements, such as the head of the Szophop, tail and tags will interest the toddler, encourage them to play and learn to grasp, and affect the development of small motor skills. The SzopHop pendant will be a perfect companion for your child’s travel, sleep and play, and it will provide you with peace and a sense of security that the soother will not die.

The product complies with the EN-71 standard and is made of raw materials with the “Human-friendly” and “Safe for children” certificates. Each product is CE marked.

Size: 22 x 7 cm
Age group: for children 0+


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