Bunny Girl- Pink

The soft, fabric and contrasting Rabbit is a handmade cuddly toy from Mom’s care, which was created with the youngest in mind. It is in the first stage of a child’s life that the stimulation of the senses plays a key role. We use safe fabrics with a different structure to sew your toddler’s first cuddly toys. Thanks to this, the child gets to know the world and stimulates the sense of touch. We also do not forget about the proper development of the sense of sight. At the very beginning, our kids do not notice colors and do not distinguish shapes. We have a way! The predominance of white and black elements develops correct color perception.

The rabbit has long arms and legs. The toddler will be able to grasp them freely while exercising his hands. In addition, long ears and a contrasting tie of the cuddly toy rustle. Delicate sounds develop the toddler’s sense of hearing and calm him down, reminding him of the noises he heard in his mother’s tummy. We also do not forget about the colorful tags that children love. Thanks to all these elements, the Rabbit will quickly become your child’s companion.

Rabbit from Mom’s care will help you with:

  • development of fine motor skills
  • stimulation of the senses: sight, hearing and touch
  • sensory integration: feeling and responding to stimulatio.

Hencz Toys is a Polish company that complies with the EN-71 standard and is made of raw materials with the “Human-friendly” and “Safe for children” certificates. Each product is CE marked.

Size: 14 x 30 cm
Age group: for children 0+
Material: terry cotton, minky fabric, tags
Made in Poland


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