Second Hand Clothes

Today I would love to share the unquestionable benefits of buying second hand clothes. It’s such an amazing trend in lots of other countries, but not that much in Malta yet, but why? Charity shops seem not to be so popular or maybe even well stocked when it comes to clothes. Abroad, you will find huge, amazing shops with a variety of second hand clothes for everyone! It became such a trend, even lots of celebrities are proud of their one of a kind treasures found in the second hand selections. Lela Land wants to start the trend in Malta as well. Our clothes are all hand picked, thoroughly checked before posting them for sale. 
Let’s begin with a list of some benefits:

1. Lower price

Thinking about buying in thrift shops, through the eyes of the imagination, we firstly see cheap clothes. And rightly so, this should be the first association. Second hand clothes are cheap. Much cheaper than the ones in normal stores!Lela Land is a kid’s shop and the value is even higher. How many times did you put that fancy, expensive dress on your Little One last summer? One, two? Maybe three if you go to lots of family events… 

I’m a big thrift shop fan too! And what gems can be found there! It’s a great alternative for people with less … but not necessarily. I know very well-off people and they only dress in second hand shops, they spend more money on annual holidays or… high quality wooden toys (check Lela Land’s shop if you are after some of those ;))! The most important thing is that these people are not ashamed, on the contrary, they are proud of buying in thrift shops! But it takes time … or maybe sometimes a change in the way of thinking and a matter-of-fact- approach. Buying second hand clothes is a very eco-friendly approach. It also supports sustainability that helps us to reduce environmental impact. Choosing to wear used clothing means helping to recycle useful items that might otherwise end up discarded in landfills.    

2. Unique clothes

Walk around the mall and look at the exhibitions. Do you also get the feeling that it’s the same everywhere? Well… I get this feeling even more when trying to buy clothes for my Little One. So…how to be original in this crowd? Buy at a thrift shop and I guarantee, you won’t find someone with identical clothes soon.

3. New and very little worn items
These are not legends, fairy tails or wishful thinking. Especially when it comes to children’s clothes, very often they are just like new! (have you seen our selection yet?). 

4. Better quality
Personally I prefer to buy second hand items of a good brand that will last longer and it’s of good quality than a cheap item from a market that might just get damaged after first wash. Second hand clothes have been already washed at least once, so you don’t need to worry that they will change their look after washing. 

Still not convinced? Just try it out! We offer free delivery in Malta, just buy a couple of items for your kiddo to try it out and well, we believe you will be back! 🙂 

Lela Land Team

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